More Fashion Trends for Men in 2017
Posted by bamboocayweb, 10/17/2017 5:22 am

Men want to be fashionable. They don't want to appear dated any more than women do. However, many men don't pay much attention to their casual wardrobe, focusing instead on what they wear to work each day, as their focus is getting ahead in their career. For this reason, men need to look for clothing that can work in both casual and business situations to make the most of their wardrobe. What should men consider when buying pieces for fall 2017?

Old Is New Once Again

Trends from the 1990s are appearing again when it comes to mens' clothing. Sportswear, for example, is once again fashionable, although certain things have changed. When a person chooses to don sportswear, he should combine it with a casual piece of clothing, such as a shirt from the bamboo cay line. Doing so helps to keep the outfit from looking too formal or casual while allowing the man to wear the item in multiple ways.

bamboo cay

Color Is Good

People often rely on gray, black and navy when building a wardrobe. Now is the time to think outside the box. Purchase a shirt in an unusual color and pair it with more conventional items. A person who does this will get noticed in the crowd and will show they understand fashion and how it changes with the times.

Dress It Up

Match a fairly plain shirt with fancy pants for an all-new look. Choose a pair of pants with sleek details to dress the shirt up. A simple change in pants can take a person from the workplace to a fun night out on the town and allow the person to be comfortable in both situations.

The bamboo cay line by Captain's Landing is a great place to start the search for new pieces. This line of shirts is both casual and comfortable, yet can be dressed up for a business meeting with ease. This doesn't mean the male can't have fun however. Be sure to pick up a shirt with a fun Christmas print or choose one with a sailing theme, for example. With so many styles to choose from, finding several shirts you love will be effortless.

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